World Wide Måre

A jump across boulders, leaping through a stream in a giant stride. Pushing forward up to the top of the hill. No stopping, but accelerating over the heather and ever increasing the pace. Straight through a marsh and flying up onto a slope. A scramble down a cliff, the pace getting faster and faster…


No one chasing me, no time limit to reach, not even a defined finish line. The journey is as important as reaching the goal, whenever I head out for a run. The objective with running is impossible to define with words – only another runner will get it. But when you have found the flow, there is nothing stopping you!


I am, Mårten Boström – an adventurer, who likes to run. Running up, running down, but most importantly all around. As a World Champion in orienteering I have proved I run fast and get where I want to. The active lifestyle has taken me to 65 countries and I have lived on three continents – experiencing different culture is a big part of my drive towards tomorrow.


This webpage does not exist to boast with what I accomplish, but to inspire others to get out there and experience great things themselves. Although I often find myself running alone sharing experiences with others makes the journey so much more worthwhile!