Stronger Together

As we’re going into March the spring vibes are seeping into every summer sport athlete as the competition season is closing in. Usually there’s a long term plan which is being executed with the aim at improving different qualities needed at one’s event. For some the plan is made up as the days come, while others need to see what’s awaiting in the upcoming weeks and months up until the main goal of the season. I’ve experienced a wide range of different coaching strategies during my years as an elite athlete and learnt at least partly what kind of setup works for me. I have the will to advance, but having a team filled with knowledge from different fields makes me confident we’re focusing on the correct things with the cards at hand.


For the 2017 season I am getting help from Katja, who’s on the top of her game in sports medicine; Philip, who’s helped me in my rehab after the peroneal tendon surgery; Daniele, who’s up to date with the latest in athletic strength training; Marko, who has the ability to see which of my muscles aren’t cooperating in my stride; Elvis, who’s magical massage gets my tired muscles back to business; Thomas, who sees me almost on a daily basis when I’m at home and Jari, who knows what training my body responds to from our 10+ years of cooperation. The plan which evolves weekly aims at building up the body for running and orienteering training. Later in the spring when my body is ready for it getting the cardio-vascular performance and muscular endurance back to world level will be key, but not before my body is ready for it. Without the team around me I would have taken several wrong steps since december, so I’m grateful you all are available for me. In the limited strides I’ve been able to take in February I’ve felt stronger than before. I have learnt by now that it’s not the one that trains the most who get’s to rise to the highest podium!


Apart from key persons there’s of course other pieces of the puzzle that needs to be in order. The daily training environment is one which shouldn’t be neglected as having a motivating environment will keep one going also on those days when the going is rough. When I’m healthy the boost I get from the people on Lidingö is great, as are the impulses from the days spent with the Finnish national team. Nobody has all the answers to how to improve, but from cooperation we can share and receive hints to it day by day.


I have throughout my career been fortunate to have supporting people around me, but in individual sports it’s not always easy to find the right people to assist you on the way to the top. Therefore I’m excited to be involved in the Lidl All Stars -project where eight experienced athletes will exchange ideas and support youngsters aiming for the top in their individual sport. The application deadline for the program is tomorrow March 2nd so if you’re aiming for the top or know a 16-22 year old talent, now it’s time to act… Apply here!


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