Up ‘n’ down ‘n’ into shape

Hello blog! It has been an eventful summer despite one without a full orienteering season. If you have followed my Instagram or Twitter you have noticed my summer training started off from the hard packed Bali beaches, across rice paddies to steep Volcanoes. Bali is a training destination which required good planning to find the best running conditions and times.


Bali beachstride Rice run Mount Agung

After a brief stint in Finland the yearly training camp in the Alps, this time in Austrian Tyrol was on. The running surroundings in themountains are somewhat odd for us who grew up on the coast of a flat country like Finland. 3-4 hours go by quickly with the views one may enjoy while trotting on a mountain slope towards an unknown destination. At the end of the weeks with lots of climb and long hours in the trainers I did the famed Dolomite Skyrace south of the border in Italian Canazei. 1800m of climb during 22km is a cruel challenge, but compared the seasoned mountain runners I lost the most time on the rocky downhills! Although I am minutes behind the fastest in this kind of a race running on uneven ground feels much more tempting than any road or track race!


Top of Tyrol Glacier running Pitztal trail

My legs aren’t 100% injury free but during the last weeks I have been able to do some excellent workouts and from time to time my body feels like that of a 17 year old. I’ve learned I shouldn’t force workouts too often, but rather focus on running with a clean stride when my body craves it. After a long break without races I am now really looking forward to representing Finland again, this Sunday at the World Cup sprint distance in Latvia. Go Finland!