Come back stronger

The European Orienteering Champs are getting closer, but I am not going to be on the starting line in Ticino. I had high hopes that I would be able to rehabilitate the heel I had surgery on November by this time, but my body isn’t ready to run fast yet. I have been able to run since January, but my stride is still unbalanced. I might have been carried away with running too much too early. The will to run fast was stronger than the body’s ability to adapt to running. At this stage in my career I have nothing to gain from a championships if I feel I cannot contend for medals. Instead the coming month will be my chance to put more focus on rehab exercises again and be conservative with my mileage. I’ll off course help my IFK Lidingö at 10mila as well as I can but that will be my longest run in the next month. Fortunately the conditions for cycling are improving in Stockholm day by day.


I’ve fallen before and come back stronger, and I will do it again.