Date of Birth August 3rd 1982
Place of Birth Kirkkonummi, Finland
Residence Kirkkonummi, Finland / Helsinki, Finland
Height 175cm
Weight 67kg
Shoe size (US) 9.5
Education BSc in Geographical Information Science - Northern Arizona University
MSc in Geographical Information Science - University of Helsinki
Profession GIS & Cartography
Athletics Club Sjundeå IF
Orienteering Club Lynx
Coach Anders Gärderud
Hobbies Scuba diving, adventures

Track times

Distance 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
steeples 6'29"80 6'14"79 9'32"06 9'11"92 9'06"82 9'16"89 9'24"85 9'05"91 9'05"44
5000 m 15'57"24 15'22"04 15'07"82 14'49"65 14'22"48 14'36"09 14'21"76 14'24"31 14'36"12 14'06"10 14'29"27
10000 m 33'09"76 30'27"69 29'49"74 29'19"73 29'39"41 29'24"41 29'16"68 29'50"77
½marathon 1.11'16" 1.11'16" 1.06'32" 1.05'59" 1.03'41" 1.06'31" 1.07'00" 1.09'47"
marathon 2.25'36" 2.22'51" 2.20'03" 2.18'51" 2.19'12" 2.21'45" 2.21'03"

Short History

Mårten started his sports career as a orienteerer at the age of 4. Since he discovered that he was too fast for this sport (and could not find the controls) he started to do long-distance running at the age 17. These days he does both orienteering and long-distance running and is among the very top of Finland in both sports. The crown of a long career came in 2013 as the Finn crushed the field to claim gold in the sprint distance at the World Orienteering Championships in Sotkamo, Finland. Currently the home address is in Helsinki, alltough most winters of the active career have been spent in warmer climates. Nothing beats Finland in the summer thou.

Selected Results

Orienteering JFC classic 3rd
XC JFC 20th
XC JFC 1st
Orienteering JNC long 1st, JWC classic 25th, Ungdomens Tiomila 1st
XC JFC 5th
Orienteering JWC classic 2nd, JNC classic 2nd
XC JFC 1st, JNC 3rd, JEC 38th
Track JFC 3000m steeples 2nd
Orienteering JWC classic 12th, Tiomila 2nd
Orienteering FC sprint 2nd
Road JNR marathon 2.25´36"
XC NC 13th
Road JNR marathon 2.22´51", JNR 10km 30´05"
Track JFC 5000m 1st, Finland-Sweden 10000m 4th
XC FC 12km 5th, FC team 12km 1st
Orienteering FC sprint 2nd, EC 3rd sprint, WC sprint 17th, Wcup sprint 4th,
World Record speed 3´43"/km in Jukola
Road 20km 1.03´04", marathon 2.20´03"
Orienteering FC sprint 1st, NC sprint 2nd, Tiomila & Jukola 6th (anchor leg)
Track NC 10000m 3rd
XC FC 3rd 12km
Orienteering WC sprint 13th, Huippuliiga-Kuhmo sprint 1st, Huippuliiga-total 5th
Track FC 10000m 3rd, Indoor 5000m Big Sky Conference Champion, Fastest Finn over 10000m
XC Mountain Region Championships 10km 15th
Road P.F. Chang's Rock'n'Roll Arizona Half Marathon Champion
Orienteering WC sprint 9th, Huippuliiga-Kajaani sprint 1st, Huippuliiga-total 3rd
XC FC 12km 2nd
Track FC 10000m 4th, Indoor 5000m Big Sky Conference Championships 2nd, Fastest Finn over 10000m
Road ING Ottawa Marathon 2'18"51
XC EC 27th, NCAA 44th
Track 10000m Big Sky Conference Championships 2nd, Fastest Finn over 10000m
Orienteering Invincible in sprint, Jukola 4th
Road Fontana Days Half Marathon 1.03'41" 1st
Track FC steeplechase 3rd, 5000m 14'06"
XC EC 48th
Road SEB Tallinn City Run 10K 30'19" 3rd
XC NC 11th, EC 52nd
Orienteering Suomen Tunturisuunnistus 1st (w/ Antti Parjanne), Jukola 4th
Road Copenhagen Marathon 1st
XC NC 6th
Mountain running Dolomites SkyRace 7th
Orienteering Swiss Orienteering Week 6th
Orienteering FC sprint 1st
Road Rotterdam Marathon 2.21'03"

J = Junior
XC = Cross country
FC = Finnish Championships
NC = Nordic Championships
EC = European Championships
WC = World Championships
NR = National Record
Wcup = World Cup

Updated on December 4th, 2012